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Index Insurance, Probabilistic Climate Forecasts, and Production

Index insurance and probabilistic seasonal forecasts are becoming available in developing countries to help farmers manage […]

Pre-Feasibility Analysis: Index-Based Weather Risk Transfer in Mali

This pre-feasibility study was targeted at reviewing the core conditions for developing a weather insurance market […]

Agricultural Insurance in Nicaragua: From Concept to Pilots to Mainstreaming

This briefing paper outlines the case study of Nicaraguan Index-based weather insurance and the previously used […]

Managing Agricultural Production risk: Innovations in Developing Countries

This document presents innovations in agricultural risk management for natural disaster risk, with the focus on […]

Weather-based Insurance in Southern Africa: The Case of Malawi

The main purpose of this report is to conceptualize an ex-ante risk management framework for weather […]

An Overview of Disaster Risk Financing Instruments in the World Bank Operations

This is a presentation and overview of disaster risk financing options for governments and of World […]

Assessment of Innovative Approaches for Flood Risk Management and Financing in Agriculture

This report details the need for increased awareness and action of donors and governments regarding agricultural […]

Disaster Risk Management Systems Analysis: A Guide Book

This Guide provides a set of tools to assess existing structures and capacities of national, district […]

Producer Demand and Welfare Benefits of Rainfall Insurance in Tanzania

This paper explores empirically the issue of the demand, namely the willingness to pay (WTP), for […]

Managing Pests and Diseases in Tropical Agriforestry

Pests and diseases are major causes of yield losses in crops around the world, but they […]

Contract Farming Resource Center

Contractual arrangements between buyers and sellers are often acknowledged as a tool to manage market and […]

Drought Management Strategies – 2009

An overview of the risk of drought for certain states in India and an overview of […]

Innovations in Government Responses to Catastrophic Risk Sharing for Agriculture in Developing Countries

Markets for transferring catastrophic risk in agriculture are woefully lacking in developing countries. Even in developed […]

Agriculture Insurance in India

Government run crop yield insurance scheme, procurement at minimum support prices and calamity relief funds are […]

Public Investments Targeted Toward Innovation in Risk Transfer

This paper presents a role for public investments in developing countries targeted at innovation in market-based […]

Disaster Risk Management in Food and Agriculture

The Rome-based agencies are studying the relationship between the food and agricultural sector and national DRM […]

Using Index-based Risk Transfer Products to Facilitate Micro Lending in Peru and Vietnam

This article focuses on two technical assistance projects using aggregate index-based risk transfer products (IBRTPs) to […]

Risk and Risk Transfer in Agriculture: Facilitating Food Security and Poor Farmer Participation

This paper discusses the current food crisis having manifested itself in high prices of most major […]

Insurance of Crops in Developing Countries

The applicability of insurance in any given situation is based on consideration of whether it is […]

Southern Africa Food Security Outlook January to June 2010

A report released periodically as an early warning report for Southern Africa. This issue of the […]