What is FARM-D?

Are you engaged in agricultural risk management?
Would you like to learn or share knowledge of #agrisk?
Would you like to connect with others
like you across the world?

Welcome to the Forum for Agricultural Risk Management in Development (FARM-D)!

This is your community of practice about agricultural risk management (ARM). It’s a collaborative space for exchanges and updates on ARM. A space to share your experiences, find experts and learn from others on #agrisk. Contents are produced by practitioners for practitioners. Here you can upload your stories, host your webinars, share your publications, promote your events and much moreā€¦

By joining the community you will help foster learning, gain visibility and connect with ARM fellows from across the world. Not yet a member? Join us!

Why this community?

Agricultural risks have increased over the past decades leading to significant impacts on the poor in developing countries. This has heightened stakeholders interests in finding solutions to manage risks and creating opportunities to engage with new actors and disciplines for holistic management of risks.

FARM-D is the main interactive space bringing together different actors to exchange knowledge and advocate for best practices in ARM in developing countries. All activities on FARM-D are collaborative efforts built on the strengths of its members.

Our mission is to promote systematic knowledge exchange on ARM through a dynamic community that enables members to share their experiences, gain access to information and best practices, access to expertise location, engage in constructive dialogues, and build partnerships.

Our vision is to foster best practices and expertise in ARM to enhance the resilience of agricultural systems across low- and middle-income countries.


FARM-D is your community to: