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Understanding microfinance interest rates in agrifood

Interest rates have been a contentious issue in microfinance for many years. While higher interest rates […]

How to transform Africa’s food system

In 2021, one in five people in Africa was affected by hunger, and the continent had […]

Methodologies for Researching Feminization of Agriculture: What Do They Tell Us?

An increasing body of literature suggests that agriculture is ‘feminizing’ in many low- and middle-income countries. […]

Evaluating the Integration of Agroecological Principles into Kenya’s Legal and Policy Framework

This paper evaluates the integration of three high – level categories of the 13 principles of […]

Cereal supply and demand balances for sub-Saharan African countries

The cereal supply and demand balances included in this report present a subset of data from […]

Guidelines for micro-finance and credit services in support of small-scale fisheries in Asia

The purpose of these guidelines is fourfold: (i) Increase awareness about the financial service needs of […]

Financing Agricultural Value Chains in Latin America: Barriers and Opportunities in Mexico, Peru and Honduras

The report highlights Agricultural Value Chains Financing products and structures that various lead firms, agro-processors, banks, […]

Access to finance for smallholder farmers : learning from the experiences of microfinance institutions in Latin America

The percentage of smallholders with access to finance is equally difficult to quantify. According to estimates, […]

Empowering Small Giants: Inclusive Embedded Finance for Micro-retailers

Financial inclusion is becoming more feasible for many excluded and underserved micro-retailers, thanks to the emergence […]

Gender equality and social inclusion for youth organizations

Youth networks and organizations of young farmers, producers and entrepreneurs play a central role as partners […]

Gender bias in customer perceptions: The case of agro-input dealers in Uganda

CONTEXT Faced with incomplete and imperfect information, economic actors rely predominantly on perceptions and often base […]

Impact of India’s farm science centers (Krishi Vigyan Kendras) on farm households’ economic welfare: An evidence from a national farmers’ survey

This study examines the impact of access to India’s farm science centers (Krishi Vigyan Kendras, or […]

Towards sustainable crop protection in agriculture: A framework for research and policy

CONTEXT European countries have set ambitious targets to reduce the risks of pesticide use. Achieving these […]

Policymaking for agrifood systems transformation in Zambia

This brief provides a snapshot of agrifood policymaking in Zambia. It summarizes the government’s efforts in […]

Land Squeezee: What is driving unprecedented pressures on global farmland and what can be done to achieve equitable access to land?

Land is critical to the lives, livelihoods, and food security of millions of people across the […]

Agro-technology for climate-smart agriculture and resilience to climate extremes in sub-Saharan Africa

Agro-technologies such as irrigation and new crop varieties can reduce climate risk for agricultural production in […]

Rapport Régional 2024 sur la Sécurité Alimentaire et Nutritionnelle au Sahel et en Afrique de l’Ouest

Résultat d’un partenariat entre le Comité permanent inter-États de lutte contre la sécheresse dans le Sahel […]

Food prices and the wages of the poor: A cost-effective addition to high-frequency food security monitoring

The affordability of nutritious food for “all people, at all times” is a critically important dimension […]

Allometric equations and carbon sequestration potential of mango (Mangifera indica) and avocado (Persea americana) in Kenya

Reliable biomass estimates are needed to quantify the climate benefits of fruit trees and include them […]

Agricultural land use modeling and climate change adaptation: A reinforcement learning approach

This paper provides a novel approach to integrate farmers’ behavior in spatially explicit agricultural land use […]