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Working with Smallholders: A Handbook for Firms Building Sustainable Supply Chains (Third Edition)

A number of global trends, such as concurrent rises in incomes and urbanization, are driving the […]

Gestion de la fertilité des sols en Afrique subsaharienne

A l’occasion du Salon international de l’agriculture de Paris 2024, la revue Cahiers Agricultures publie un […]

Estimating seed demand in the presence of market frictions: Evidence from an auction experiment in Nigeria

This paper measures the effect of seed quality misperceptions on bidding behavior and demand for high-quality […]

What Premiums are Livestock Farmers Willing to Pay for Indemnity Insurance in the West Region, Cameroon?

Poultry and pig farmers in the West Region of Cameroon inherently face risks. Notwithstanding, no insurance […]

Gender Transformative Approaches to Strengthen Women’s Land and Resource Rights

International standards and policies are clear about women’s right to equality in the enjoyment of all […]

The role of agro-input dealer certification in promoting sustainable pest control: insights from Uganda

Pesticides are crucial for increasing agricultural productivity, but they have also been linked to a range […]

Tackling antimicrobial resistance in food and agriculture

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) leads the global response to antimicrobial […]

The future of research on sustainable foodsystems: Building an early‐career network of agricultural economists in Europe

The agricultural economics profession plays an essential role in the transition towards more sustainable and resilient […]

Livestock Farmers’ Willingness to Pay for Farming Insurance in Four Divisions of the West Region of Cameroon

Livestock farming insurance is essential for the protection of farmers. This study examines poultry and pig […]

The Community-Based Restoration Monitoring System (CBRMS): A guide to using CBRMS in peatland restoration monitoring

Monitoring is a crucial element of any peatland ecosystem restoration process, and well-designed monitoring programmes can […]

Guidelines for Inclusive Agricultural Value Chains Development in Africa

Agriculture plays an important role in African economies, despite low productivity compared to other continents and […]

Women’s input and decision-making in agriculture are associated with diet quality in rural Tanzania

Women’s empowerment is one critical pathway through which agriculture can impact women’s nutrition; however, empirical evidence […]

Stressors and Resilience within the Cassava Value Chain in Nigeria: Preferred Cassava Variety Traits and Response Strategies of Men and Women to Inform Breeding

This study investigated the trait preferences for cassava in the context of climate change and conflict […]

Tracking adaptation in the agrifood sector

Climate change impacts on agrifood systems are pervasive. Increasing weather and climate extreme events have exposed […]

Analysis of the implications of Africa’s food systems development on environmental sustainability

This discussion paper is intended to provide an analysis of the main trends and developments in […]

Weather insurance in European crop and horticulture production

Weather risks threaten food production and put farms’ profitability at risk. Insurance solutions can compensate for […]

Working with Power in Multi-Stakeholder Processes

As part of the 3rd cycle of the UNDP Co-inquiry on food systems transformation, between June […]

Applying the six-dimensional food security framework to examine a fresh fruit and vegetable program implemented by self-help groups during the COVID-19 lockdown in India

To alleviate impacts of novel coronavirus lockdowns on food security and agri-food value chains, governments implemented […]

Agricultural and climate risk insurance for smallholder value chains: Identifying common challenges and solutions

The INSURED “Insurance” toolkit offers a technical guide that addresses key obstacles and proposes solutions for […]

Agro-economic-environmental modelling in the context of the Green Deal and sustainable food systems.

he Integrated Modelling Platform for Agro-economic Commodity and Policy Analysis (iMAP) provides in-house policy support to […]