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De-risking smallholder agricultural value chains: promising scalable risk management solutions

SUMMARY Smallholders face a variety of risks that make their productivity and incomes unstable and unpredictable. […]

Strategy for Managing Invasive Species in Africa 2021–2030

SUMMARY Invasive species pose a huge global threat, both in terms of biodiversity and the cost […]

The Evidence Base on Anticipatory Action

SUMMARY Anticipatory action (A-A) is attracting global attention with the number of pilot initiatives delivering support […]

The ‘triple dividend’ of early warning systems: Evidence from Tanzania’s coastal areas

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Early warning systems (EWSs) have been effective in reducing loss of life and injury […]

Climatic risk adaptation strategies by smallholder livestock farmers in Eastern Amhara Region, Ethiopia

ABSTRACT The study was conducted to analyze the predominant climatic risks and the strategies livestock farmers […]

Policy interventions to mitigate negative effects on poverty, agriculture and food security from disease outbreaks and other crises

SUMMARY This review draws lessons from previous shocks that may be relevant to dealing with the […]

Dealing with Covid-19 in rural Africa: lessons from previous crises

SUMMARY This note summarises insights from a study commissioned by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development […]

The Integrated Risk Management Programme (IRMP): Lessons from Malawi

SUMMARY In recent decades, Malawi has been experiencing adverse climatic shocks as most rural farmers still […]

Live Talk 01 – Integrating Gender Responsive Strategies into Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance Solutions

The InsuResilience Global Partnership in collaboration with FARM-D, organised a webinar on June 3rd 2020 to […]

China’s distant-water fishing fleet: Scale, impact and governance

SUMMARY Having depleted fish stocks in domestic waters, the fleets of many industrialised countries are now […]

Machine learning for high-throughput field phenotyping and image processing provides insight into the association of above and below-ground traits in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

ABSTRACT Background: Rapid non-destructive measurements to predict cassava root yield over the full growing season through […]

Global-scale drought risk assessment for agricultural systems

ABSTRACT Droughts continue to affect ecosystems, communities and entire economies. Agriculture bears much of the impact, […]

Climate risk, vulnerability and resilience: Supporting livelihood of smallholders in semiarid India

ABSTRACT Using panel data from 256 smallholder households from 2006 to 2014 in three semiarid regions […]

Adaptation opportunities for smallholder dairy farmers facing resource scarcity: Integrated livestock, water and land management

ABSTRACT Dairy intensification is a widely used means of achieving food security, improving farmer incomes and […]

Risk Management of Dairy Product Losses as a Tool to Improve the Environment and Food Rescue

ABSTRACT “Food loss”, defined as food produced for human consumption, which for various reasons leaves the […]

Local‐scale tree and shrub diversity improves pollination services to shea trees in tropical West African parklands

ABSTRACT Shea Vitellaria paradoxa trees bear fruit and seeds of considerable economic, nutritional and cultural value in the […]

Major climate risks and adaptation strategies of smallholder farmers in coastal Bangladesh

ABSTRACT Rural households in South Asia’s coastal deltas face numerous livelihood challenges, including risks posed by […]

GM Maize in Ethiopia: An Ex Ante Economic Assessment of TELA, a Drought Tolerant and Insect Resistant Maize

SUMMARY Ethiopian economy has grown at an average rate that surpasses that of almost any other […]

Bamboo-based agroforestry system (Dendrocalamus strictus + sesame–chickpea) for enhancing productivity in semi-arid tropics of central India

SUMMARY Bundelkhand region of central India is characterized by erratic rainfall with high frequency of drought. […]

Controle Biológico de Pragas da Agricultura

APRESENTAÇÃO É com satisfação que apresentamos esta obra, que tem por objetivo levar aos leitores o […]