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Adaptation opportunities for smallholder dairy farmers facing resource scarcity: Integrated livestock, water and land management

ABSTRACT Dairy intensification is a widely used means of achieving food security, improving farmer incomes and […]

Risk Management of Dairy Product Losses as a Tool to Improve the Environment and Food Rescue

ABSTRACT “Food loss”, defined as food produced for human consumption, which for various reasons leaves the […]

Local‐scale tree and shrub diversity improves pollination services to shea trees in tropical West African parklands

ABSTRACT Shea Vitellaria paradoxa trees bear fruit and seeds of considerable economic, nutritional and cultural value in the […]

Major climate risks and adaptation strategies of smallholder farmers in coastal Bangladesh

ABSTRACT Rural households in South Asia’s coastal deltas face numerous livelihood challenges, including risks posed by […]

GM Maize in Ethiopia: An Ex Ante Economic Assessment of TELA, a Drought Tolerant and Insect Resistant Maize

SUMMARY Ethiopian economy has grown at an average rate that surpasses that of almost any other […]

Bamboo-based agroforestry system (Dendrocalamus strictus + sesame–chickpea) for enhancing productivity in semi-arid tropics of central India

SUMMARY Bundelkhand region of central India is characterized by erratic rainfall with high frequency of drought. […]

Controle Biológico de Pragas da Agricultura

APRESENTAÇÃO É com satisfação que apresentamos esta obra, que tem por objetivo levar aos leitores o […]

Increasing the adoption of conservation agriculture: A framed field experiment in Northern Ghana

ABSTRACT Conservation agriculture techniques can increase agricultural production while decreasing CO2 emissions, yet adoption in the […]

Climate Change Risks for Agriculture, Health, and Nutrition

SUMMARY The stability of global, national, and local food systems is at risk under climate change. […]

Scaling up index insurance for smallholder farmers: Recent evidence and insights

ABSTRACT This report explores evidence and insights from five case studies that have made significant recent […]

Climate risk management and rural poverty reduction

ABSTRACT Climate variability is a major source of risk to smallholder farmers and pastoralists, particularly in […]

The Role of Smallholder Farms in Food and Nutrition Security

INTRODUCTION This open access book discusses the current role of smallholders in connection with food security […]

2020 Global Nutrition Report

SUMMARY The Global Nutrition Report calls on governments, businesses and civil society to step up efforts […]

Blockchain application in seafood value chains

ABSTRACT Innovation through information and communication technologies is a key enabler in transforming food systems and […]

Final evaluation of “Pursuing pastoralist resilience through improved animal health service delivery in pastoralist areas of Ethiopia”

ABSTRACT Small ruminants are the main source of livelihood for the rural agropastoralists and are important […]

R4 Rural Resilience Initiative Annual Report 2019

ABSTRACT In 2019, the R4 Rural Resilience Initiative (R4) reached over 93,000 farmers (60 percent women) […]

What National Farm Policy Trends Could Mean for Efforts to Update WTO Rules on Domestic Support

DESCRIPTION Global trade rules on the support governments can provide to their farm sectors need urgent reform […]

Documentation for the COVID-19 food trade policy tracker: Tracking government responses affecting global food markets during the COVID-19 crisis

ABSTRACT In response to the COVID-19 crisis, some governments have implemented export restrictions and other trade […]

Mortality of dairy cows in Georgia: From guesswork to data through farmer surveys

ABSTRACT Understanding how often dairy cows die and from what causes are key pieces of information […]

Information and Communication Technologies to Provide Agricultural Advice to Smallholder Farmers: Experimental Evidence from Uganda

ABSTRACT Agricultural advisory services generally rely on interpersonal knowledge transfers by agricultural extension agents who visit […]