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Managing Orchard and Vineyard Production Risks

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Jo Lynne Seufer
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

The objective of this module is to provide agricultural producers with added knowledge about the sources of production risk impacting their decisions and the tools and options they could consider in managing production risks. The information provides a resource tool for others throughout the agricultural business community. Sections focus on: various sources of production risk associated throughout the fruit industry; sources of production risk that affect the farm/ranch business when alternative actions or plans may be implemented; and various production risk management strategies (including crop insurance) that might be adopted to control or counteract production risk. The sources of production risk section provides producers an outline of possible alternative methods to manage production risks which could offset risk. The crop insurance section provides a detailed outline about various insurance products (i.e., crop endorsements, policy options) available to Pacific Northwest orchardists and vineyard growers.