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Investigating the potential of sea freighting towards increasing sweet potato exports from East and Central Africa: shipment simulation trails

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Working Papers & Briefs
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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
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Risk assessment

In Uganda, where production on-farm has at least tripled as a result of many (93% in 3 sampled districts) farmers adopting improved varieties. The problem now is mainly of low market prices and hence low income. Farmers are risk-averse and will not produce a more commercial sweet potato without a guaranteed market. Efforts now are geared to linking the sweet potato farmer to markets hence the study simulating freighting of sweet potato in refrigerated containers by sea. The study involved a number of partners that included the International Potato Centre (CIP), Makerere University, an International shipping company SDVTransami Uganda (LTD), Uganda Horticultural Exporters Association (HORTEXA), a coalition of agricultural researchers, farmers and NGOs.