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The future of food systems in Southeast Asia post COVID-19

Yurdi Yasmi (moderator), Matthew Morell, David Dawe, Zhang Jiangfeng, Aladdin D. Rillo, Jean Balié, Grahame Dixie
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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
International Rice Research Institute
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About the Webinar
Live talk will discuss challenges and possible measures to protect food systems in the region.

Watch the webinar here: https://youtu.be/-UlEvXXJy7o


Since it was declared pandemic by WHO on 11 March, COVID-19 has affected over 200 countries and territories around the globe. It has forced many countries to imposed lock down or other measures to limit people to people contact and movement. Schools, offices and airports are closed down. The full impact of the pandemic is yet to be known but for sure it will cause major repercussions to the food systems.

Safeguarding food security is critical during the pandemic. Farmers need to continue to produce foods, distribute them and ensure that access to markets are not compromised. However, the situations are different from country to country and challenges to maintain well-functioning food systems are huge.

Governments across Southeast Asia, one of the most fast-growing regions in the world, are called to take appropriate policy measures to ensure the continuity of food systems to serve the people, including the poor, the most vulnerable segment of our society.

The key questions of the seminar are:

  • What are the challenges of the food systems amid COVID-19?
  • How can we safeguard food systems in the short and long-term?
  • What policy measures should be taken to protect the food systems?



The main objective of the online seminar is to share information among organizations and institutions on the impact of COVID-19 to the food systems in Southeast Asia. It is also a forum to discuss initiatives that have been taken so far; and what can be done in the future in Southeast Asia.



The event is a moderated seminar that will bring together prominent speakers from FAO, ADB, ASEAN, private sector and IRRI – see proposed speakers and programme below.


1500 – 1505 Welcome and introduction to the program Yurdi Yasmi, IRRI’s SE Asia Rep.
1505 – 1512 Opening remarks Matthew Morell, Executive Director, IRRI
1513 – 1520 FAO’s roles in safeguarding the food systems – future development priorities David Dawe, Senior Economist, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
1522 – 1528 ADB’s investment in the food systems in Southeast Asia – new direction post covid-19? Zhang Jiangfeng, Director of NR and Ag for Southeast Asia, ADB
1529 – 1336 ASEAN and food security – what will change? Aladdin D. Rillo, Deputy Secretary General of ASEAN
1537 – 1544 IRRI’s research priorities, now and the future Jean Balié, Platform Leader Agrifood Policy, IRRI
1545 – 1602 Smallholders and food value chains – a private sector perspective Grahame Dixie, Executive Director Grow Asia
1602 – 1615 Moderated Q&A Yurdi Yasmi, IRRI’s SE Asia Rep
1615 – 1625 Question from the floor
1625 – 1630 Way forward Matthew Morell, Executive Director IRRI
1630 Closing

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Asia and the Pacific
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
Nutrition / Food Systems
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About the Speakers

Yurdi Yasmi (moderator)

Regional Representative for Southeast Asia at IRRI

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Matthew Morell

Executive Director, IRRI

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David Dawe

Senior Economist, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

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Zhang Jiangfeng

Director of Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture Division, Southeast Asia Department, at the Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Aladdin D. Rillo

Deputy Secretary General of ASEAN

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Jean Balié

Platform Leader Agrifood Policy at IRRI

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Grahame Dixie

Executive Director at Grow Asia

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