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Space-based information for drought early warning and monitoring

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Space-based information for drought early warning and monitoring

Drought is a complex and slowly encroaching natural hazard with significant and pervasive socio-economic and environmental impacts that is known to cause more deaths and displace more people than any other disaster. Early detection of droughts is therefore important for managing emerging crop losses, to prevent or mitigate possible related famines, and for dealing with increased fire risk. Satellite data helps to monitor precipitation, soil moisture, and vegetation health to support drought early warning systems.

The United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response (UN-SPIDER) aims to provide universal access to all types of space-based information and services relevant to disaster management by being a gateway to space information for disaster management support; serving as a bridge to connect the disaster management and space communities; and being a facilitator of capacity building and institutional strengthening.

This webinar will showcase how space technologies can support drought early warning and monitoring efforts that build the resilience of vulnerable groups in rapidly changing climate. The speakers will present the UN-SPIDER Knowledge Portal, a one-stop shop for data, information and knowledge related to the use of space-based technologies in disaster management.

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