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Regional Coffee Consultation with Coffee Farmers in Asia

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The Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA), a network of family farmer organizations representing around 12 million farmers in 16 countries in Asia, is providing technical and business development services including amplifying the voices of the farmers in Southeast, East, Central, South Asia and the Pacific. With the support of different international partners such as the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the European Union, the organization was able to effectively implement key program interventions on improving Economic Services, Policy Engagement, Institutional Strengthening, and Knowledge Management including partnership building with different stakeholders in creating a more resilient farming, broader market and access to finance.

This September 2023, AFA has been given the opportunity to participate in the 5th World Coffee Conference (WCC), which will take place in Bengalore, India to represent small-scale coffee producers. This is a great opportunity as most challenges in the coffee value chain happen on the first key players which are the small-scale coffee farmers.

In preparation to effectively engage in the upcoming 5th WCC, AFA will conduct a regional consultation meeting for coffee producers in Asia. Small-scale coffee farmers can raise their challenges and recommendations on the different levels of the coffee value chain and the support needed from the coffee stakeholders. The output of this meeting will be presented during the 5th WCC.

The main objective of this consultation meeting is to prepare for the 5th World Coffee Conference where key messages and recommendations from the smallholder farmers can be raised.

  • A thorough learning and awareness of deforestation regulation and to discuss its potential impact on small-scale coffee farmers
  • To formulate the key messages and recommendations to be presented during the WCC
  • To provide information regarding the upcoming 5th World Coffee Conference and the role of the Asian Farmers’ Association to represent the small-scale coffee farmers
  • To develop a strategy direction for coffee with the partners and stakeholders through effective collaboration


  • Asian Farmers’ Association members
  • Representatives from the coffee farmers’ organizations
  • Coffee Stakeholders
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Asia and the Pacific
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses