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WEBINAR REPLAY | LIVE TALK 04 – Gender-smart climate and disaster risk investing and grant making: From principles to practice

Katherine S. Miles, Christine Martel-Fleming, Young Hee Lee, Marijn Wiersma, Ellen Brookes, Marietta Feddersen, Regina Rossmann
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Forum for Agricultural Risk Management in Development
InsuResilience Centre of Excellence on Gender-Smart Solutions
The InsuResilience Global Partnership
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This is the fourth session of a LIVE TALKS series on Gender and Climate Risk Finance hosted jointly by the InsuResilience Global Partnership, the InsuResilience Centre of Excellence on Gender-smart Solutions and the Forum for Agricultural Risk Management in Development (FARM-D) within the framework of their engagement together with PARM and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).


Applying a gender lens through public and private investments in Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) can achieve both economic benefits and development impact. The development returns include protecting the lives and livelihoods of poor and vulnerable people from the impacts of climate shocks and disasters and advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment. From an economic perspective, it is estimated that advancing women’s equality could add up to $12 trillion to global economic growth by 2025. In this context, the G7 and development finance institutions (DFIs) have collectively mobilized $11.4 billion for gender-lens investing through the 2XChallenge Initiative since its launch in 2018, which aims to empower women through investment.

Through the InsuResilience Declaration on Gender, the Partnership aspires to ‘incorporate gender-lens grant allocation investment criteria into the funding mechanisms for CDRFI programmes’.Yet to date, there is a lack of guidance to support programmes with applying a gender lens specifically in CDRFI investments and grant allocation. This webinar aims to fill the guidance gap by exploring the themes and addressing questions of: what is gender lens investing and its relevance to gender-smart CDRFI? What can integrating gender considerations into CDRFI investments and grant making processes look like in practice? What are common challenges and good practice? And where is there a need for further guidance to enhance existing practices of gender smart investment and grant making through CDRFI?


The objectives of this webinar are to:

  • Explore definitions of and the business case for gender-smart investing and grant-making within CDRFI programmes;
  • Identify existing approaches, implementation gaps and challenges, and opportunities to further enhance gender-smart investments and grant making within CDRFI programmes; and
  • Gather input for the development of practitioner-driven guidance on gender-smart investing and grant making within CDRFI programmes.

Target audience

This webinar is intended for members of the Partnership, the FARM-D Community and beyond drawn from a broad range of stakeholder groups including governments, civil society, international organisations, investors, academia, and the insurance industry, who are involved in different ways in the financing, design and implementation of CDRFI programmes.

Webinar approach

Polls and two guided dialogue sessions will be conducted with panellists involved in gender-smart investing.

Agenda & concept note

Watch full replay of the Live Talk 04

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Read full report of  the Live Talk 04

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Gender / Youth / Social Inclusion
Climate / Weather / Environment

Katherine S. Miles

Director of Katherine Miles Consulting Ltd. Author of the Guidance Note on Gender-lens Investing

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Christine Martel-Fleming

Global Affairs Canada, Co-Chair of the InsuResilience Gender Working Group

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Young Hee Lee

Governance Specialist and Gender Focal Point at Adaptation Fund

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Marijn Wiersma

Director for Partnership and Innovation at 2xcollaborative

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Ellen Brookes

Executive at CDC Group

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Marietta Feddersen

Senior Technical Assistance Specialist at BlueOchard Finance.

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Regina Rossmann

Senior Associate Training and Engagement at Convergence

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