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Improving smallholder farmers’ and NGOs’ access to genebank materials

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Oxfam Novib, the Community Technology Development Trust (CTDT), Sowing Diversity = Harvesting Security (SD=HS) and the CGIAR Genebank Initiative are organizing this webinar focusing on small holder farmers’ and NGOs’ access to plant genetic resources for food and agriculture (PGRFA) that are conserved in national and international genebanks.

The webinar will include presentations of case studies where NGOs and farmers (often working jointly together) have accessed and used PGRFA from national and international genebanks, and integrated some of those materials in local production systems, and community biodiversity management programs.

There will also be a presentation of a new ‘subsetting tool’ to help narrow-down searches for useful materials from the wide diversity of genetic resources that are available in PGRFA collections. It is hoped that this tool will be useful for all potential users of genebank materials, including farmers and NGOs, to identify what is useful for them in response to local challenges such as climate change.    

Participants will discuss good practices, challenges and opportunities for increasing access by farmers and NGOs to PGRFA in national and international genebanks.

The webinar will be run twice on September 7. Once in English and French, at a time meant to accommodate people in Asia, and once in English in Spanish at a time meant to accommodate people in the Americas. 

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A separate session will be held in Spanish and English: 16.30 PM CEST/08.30 CST. Register here:



This is the first in a series of webinars to be co-organized by farmers and civil society organizations and CGIAR Genebank Initiative. Participants during the September 7 webinar will be consulted with respect to possible topics for future webinars.


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