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Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2023

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German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
The World Bank Group
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The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) is an international conference on central issues of agricultural and food policies held each year in Berlin.  Hosted by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), the event welcomes 3,000 international visitors from politics, industry, science, and civil society to discuss what actions can be taken to achieve a transformation of food systems.

The 2023 GFFA will address the issue “Food Systems Transformation: A Worldwide Response to Multiple Crises.” With the 2030 Agenda, the international community has set ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, such as ending global hunger. Despite this, the number of people affected by hunger is continuing to rise. In addition to the climate crisis, the extinction of species and the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing war in Ukraine has become a new driving force in this crisis of global food security.

Building upon the UN Food Systems Summit, the GFFA aims to promote continued discussion and collaboration with a special focus on the following four questions:

  1. How can we create crisis-proof food systems?
  2. How can we create climate-friendly food systems?
  3. How can we preserve biological diversity?
  4. How can we improve collaboration for sustainable global food systems?

The world’s largest informal Conference of Agriculture Ministers will take place on the final day, with 70 agriculture ministers from around the world gathering to adopt a joint political communiqué. High-level representatives from more than ten international organizations, including the World Bank, FAO, OECD, and WTO will also be in attendance.

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Nutrition / Food Systems