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Empowering Academia with FAO elearning Academy courses and resources for transforming agrifood systems

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FAO elearning Academy
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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The FAO elearning Academy has made remarkable steps in transferring competencies to professionals worldwide. With over 1 million professionals, throughout the world, benefiting from its multilingual and certified courses, it represents a pioneering initiative with an unparalleled global impact.

Bearing in mind that University students of today are the agrifood systems practitioners of tomorrow and in order to actively support them in this journey, FAO, through its elearning Academy, created multiple University Master’s and Post Graduate Degree Programmes, with various universities and university networks worldwide, and aims to produce many more.

The integration of the FAO competency-based elearning courses allow Universities to enrich curricula and raise education standards, and better equip students and young professionals with the competencies needed to actively contribute to the transformation of agrifood systems.

The webinar will be held in English.


• Highlight the importance of Academia in the transformation of agrifood systems across the globe and expansion of the impact of the FAO elearning Academy;

• Describe how to create joint University Master’s Degree programmes, by integrating FAO elearning courses and other FAO knowledge resources, into the educational curricula of partner Academic institutions; and

• Advise on the value of the competency-based digital badges granted by the FAO elearning Academy, in addition to the formal University Degree, to better equip students with employability competencies, while entering the professional world.


This technical webinar will be delivered by Mr Maurizio Martina (FAO), Ms Maya Takagi (FAO, Chile), Ms Daniela Corona (Luiss Guido Carli), Prof. Joseph Muliaro Wafula (JKUAT, Kenya), Ms Fatouma Seid (FAO), and Ms Cristina Petracchi, Leader of the FAO elearning Academy, who will also moderate the event.

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Knowledge Management
Nutrition / Food Systems