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Better Together: Improving Food Security & Nutrition by Linking Market and Food Systems

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Market systems offer a sustainable response to food security but can overlook important nutrition dynamics and outcomes if food systems are omitted.

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Market-based approaches to food security often increase agricultural productivity and income yet sometimes fail to enhance nutrition. When food security programming combines market and food systems with a specific focus on women and girls, economic and nutrition outcomes benefit. Some elements from markets and food systems enhance nutrition outcomes when they are combined.

This webinar will explore:

  • A literature review of market and food systems
  • The Inclusive Market and Food Systems Model
  • The importance of bringing the market to vulnerable households
  • How empowering women multiplies nutritional outcomes
  • How access does not necessarily equal consumption
  • The impact of COVID-19 on programming and adaptive management for livelihood programs

The webinar is organized by World Vision, Catholic University of America, Care, and Abilene Christian University.

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Nutrition / Food Systems
Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses