Mariska Dreschler

Mariska Dreschler is Director Horticulture at GreenTech. She is responsible for the worldwide management, design, roll-out and branding of the GreenTech titles within the Horticulture domain: GreenTech Amsterdam and Summit, GreenTech Americas and (online platform). In addition to that for business development, building and maintaining the client relationships networks at home (NL) and abroad, innovation in existing concepts and the development of new business she is a connector, always focused on the highest achievable in quality and conversion. Bringing business together supply and demand together by organizing relevant connections and (physical) platforms, supported by online activities, is her passion. Ms. Dreschler loves to pioneer and explore new business models together with her team like to take the pioneering role in this. A sustainable approach and a commercially positive result are her driving force. GreenTech is a global meeting platform for all horticultural technology professionals and all about sustainable crop optimization. GreenTech focuses on the early stages of the horticultural chain and the current issues growers face. The domain has existed since 2013 and has grown from 298 exhibitors and 8,153 visitors to resp. 477 and 12,489 professionals from 114 countries in 2019.