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The African Cotton, Textile & Apparel Trade Link, run by African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation

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The Mission of ACTIF is, “to promote trade and increase market access for the cotton, textile, and apparel industry in Africa”. This Mission is informed by its Vision, which is, “an integrated cotton textile and apparel industry that effectively competes on the world market”.

ACTIF is in a strategic position to influence favourable policies that could address regional and international issues that can cartelize the growth of the industry in Africa.

The Goal and Strategic Objectives

The goal of ACTIF is increased trade in African cotton, textile, and apparel. This goal will be realised through the attainment of the organisation’s strategic objectives, which are:

  • To promote trade in African cotton, textile and apparel;
  • To expand market access for African cotton, textiles and apparel;
  • To establish a market information system for African trade in cotton, textile and apparel;
  • To promote the development of policies supportive to trade in African cotton, textiles and apparel;
  • To provide an institutional framework for the development of the cotton, textile and apparel industry in Africa; and
  • To enhance private sector involvement in regional policy formulation and implementation
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