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MFARM Ltd, Kenya

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Sub-Saharan Africa
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MFarm Ltd is a software solution and agribusiness company. Our main product M-Farm, is a transparency tool for Kenyan farmers where they simply SMS the number 20255 (Safaricom Users) to get information pertaining to the retail price of their products, buy their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favorable prices, and find buyers for their produce.

Our product, M-Farm, works as a transparency tool for farmers. M-Farm was launched after winning the IPO48 competition — a 48 hour boot-camp event aimed at giving web/mobile start-ups a platform to launch their start-ups.Of the 37 initial ideas, M-Farm took away the €10,000 prize as capital investment.

What we do:

  1. Enable farmers to inquire current market prices of different crops from different regions and/or specific markets.
  2. Aggregate farmers needs/orders and connect them with farm input suppliers.
  3. Enable farmers to sell collectively and connect them with a ready market.