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Middle East & North Africa

INFOSAMAK is an intergovernmental organization of trade in fishery and aquaculture products and for the encouragement and promotion of investments in the sector.

INFOSAMAK is an independent information centre. It is an integral part of the FISH INFO network set up by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and benefits from the technical support of this organization.

INFOSAMAK is an institution undertaking research, studies and providing advice in the field for companies, public and private sector. It also provides an environment to promote technical and economic cooperation between member States in the region and between these states and the fishery industry worldwide.

INFOSAMAK has reopened its offices in Casablanca, Morocco. This follows an agreement between most of the INFOSAMAK member countries and FAO to move INFOSAMAK offices from Bahrain to Morocco.

The main task of INFOSAMAK is to provide companies, sectorial organizations and governments with information and advice in the fields of production, processing, quality control and marketing of fishery products. It also focuses on meeting the requirements of the decision makers in the fishery and aquaculture sector by providing an effective information system and relevant market analysis.