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Established in 1984, GLOBEFISH is a multi-donor funded project within the FAO Fisheries Division responsible for providing up-to-date trade and market on fish and fishery products. GLOBEFISH promotes and facilitates information exchange among the seafood industry, governments, academia and stakeholders worldwide.

GLOBEFISH provides up-to-date coverage of global seafood market developments thanks to its close contact with the fishery industry and its statistical information sources. Markets are studied and analysed by species groups.

Dissemination of information, news, statistics and prices is achieved in several ways; through various GLOBEFISH publications and periodicals, through the GLOBEFISH website, and through the FISHINFONetwork (FIN) magazines.

GLOBEFISH’s key publications include fish price reports (European Fish Price Report), market studies (GLOBEFISH Research Programme), trend analysis (GLOBEFISH Highlights) and statistics (Commodity Updates).