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Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services

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GFRAS is the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services, functioning under the vision of seeing rural advisory services effectively contributing to the sustainable reduction of hunger and poverty worldwide. The mission of GFARS is to provide advocacy and leadership on rural advisory services within the global development agenda.

GFRAS has three functions:

  1. Providing voice for advisory services within global policy dialogues and promoting improved investment in RAS;
  2. Supporting the development and synthesis of evidence-based approaches and policies for improving the effectiveness of RAS; and
  3. Strengthening actors and fora in RAS through facilitating interaction and networking.

The GFRAS inception period began on January 1, 2010. During the inception phase GFRAS has conferred widely with stakeholders, developed a five-year operational plan, and secured funding for the long term. In June 2011 the GFRAS first 5-year phase was launched.