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Financial Alliance for Sustainable Trade

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FAST is a global, member driven, non-profit association, FAST represents lenders and producers dedicated to bringing sustainable products to market. Its website contains information on events and conferences run by FAST related to sustainable trade financing, including quite a bit in the specialty coffee sector. There is also access to an impact assessment tool, financial literacy training, publications raising awareness on the financing gap for sustainable trade.The Financial Marketplace aspect of FAST is very useful as it is an ongoing project to facilitate sustainable SMEs access to quality trade finance. The Marketplace presents all FAST stakeholders with information critical to making informed decisions about financing. It helps potential borrowers learn about the financing options best suited to their business. It allows lenders better connect with under-served businesses and find the areas where their investments will have the greatest impact. FAST helps to manage agricultural risks by focusin on accessing credit, as finance is a critical part of risk management.