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Crop Insurance Research Bureau – U.S.

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United States

CIRB works to improve crop insurance through unity and leadership.  It aims to i) act as a liaison between member companies and regulatory agencies, ii) educate Congress on all aspects of crop insurance, iii) work with Congress in the passage of legislation that strengthens the crop insurance program, iv) protect private hail insurance from federal regulations that weaken or destabilize it, v) promote crop insurance to the general public, vi) provide educational support to members, to develop educational products for members and the general public, vii) work cooperatively with other trade groups and associations, viii) and other purposes as determined by the Executive Committee.

CIRB offers an agricultural risk management training module through a comprehensive web-based educational pilot project.  This educational/instructional tool aims to help agricultural teachers/instructors and students:
• Define risk, management, and risk management
• Identify risks in agriculture
• Outline history of crop insurance
• Describe features of crop insurance
• Identify crop insurance products
• Discuss the application of crop insurance products