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ABSTRACT The report represents a selection of projects from the Crisis Risk Finance Analytics program (CRFA), […]

Climate risk, vulnerability and resilience: Supporting livelihood of smallholders in semiarid India

ABSTRACT Using panel data from 256 smallholder households from 2006 to 2014 in three semiarid regions […]

Climate Risk regulation in Africa’s Financial Sector and Related Private Sector Initiatives

ABSTRACT The threat posed to the global financial system by climate-related risks is now recognised on […]

Assessing value chain risks to design agricultural risk management strategies

ABSTRACT This toolkit was developed by a team led by Godefroy Grosjean, from the Alliance of […]

Step by Step Guidance: How to translate international commitments into action to achieve gender-smart Climate Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) Solutions

ABSTRACT This guidance note aims to provide practical step-by-step guidance on how to translate international commitments […]

The Nexus between International Gender and Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance Frameworks to support with National Action

ABSTRACT Gender-smart Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance(CDRFI) lies at the convergence of multiple international […]

The Climate Risk Landscape: Mapping Climate-related Financial Risk Assessment Methodologies

ABSTRACT The Climate Risk Landscape: Mapping Climate-related Financial Risk Assessment Methodologies provides a summary of the key […]

Building financial resilience in pastoral communities in Africa

ABSTRACT The livestock sector generates a large portion of national economies in African drylands and is […]

Managing environmental, social and governance risks in non-life insurance business

ABSTRACT As risk managers, insurers and investors, the insurance industry plays an important role in promoting […]

Impact of best management practices on sustainable crop production and climate resilience in smallholder farming systems of South Asia

ABSTRACT A host of best water and soil management practices (BMPs) hold promise in addressing water […]

A technical review of select de-risking schemes to promote rural and agricultural finance in sub-Saharan Africa

ABSTRACT In recognition of the well-understood challenges with promoting rural and agricultural finance, the need for […]

Food Systems at Risk: Transformative Adaptation for Long-Term Food Security

ABSTRACT This report examines how climate change is impacting agriculture and threatening national and global food […]

The Role of Insurance Supervisors in Boosting Women’s Access to Insurance

ABSTRACT Women’s access to insurance contributes to the mandate of insurance supervisors to maintain a fair, […]

Climate Action to transform food systems. Linking the UN Food Systems Summit and COP26 through initiatives that support greater resilience to climate change

ABSTRACT The climate crisis is a major threat to our food systems, undermining decades of progress […]

Design principles for agricultural risk management policies

ABSTRACT Government support for agricultural risk management tools has grown substantially over the past two decades. […]

Building Agricultural Resilience to Natural Hazard-induced Disasters: Insights from Country Case Studies

ABSTRACT Natural hazard-induced disasters (NHID), such as floods, droughts, severe storms, and animal pests and diseases […]

Protecting livelihoods – Linking agricultural insurance and social protection

ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to provide readers with an overview of how agricultural […]

Model terms of reference for the selection of a service provider for: Agricultural and climate risk insurance feasibility studies

These are model terms of reference (ToRs) for use by project designers and implementers in development […]

Model terms of reference for the selection of a service provider for: Technical assistance in the development and implementation of agricultural insurance

These are model terms of reference (ToRs) for use by project designers and implementers in development […]

Rapid prototyping for inclusive insurance: Testing customer challenges and gaining early insights on feasibility

ABSTRACT Smallholder farmers urgently need to build their resilience in the face of climate change and […]