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Policies for the Future of Farming and Food in the European Union

Policies for the Future of Farming and Food in the European Union is part of a […]

Opportunities for youth in the bioeconomy

This report, prepared by the FAO Agrifood Economics Division (ESA), focuses on the intersection of youth […]

A Technical Guide to Unlock Agent Networks at the Last Mile

Innovations in digital technologies have shown great potential to enable digital financial service (DFS) providers to […]

Farm‐level evaluation of area‐and agroclimatic‐based index insurance

This study was conducted over 190,000 historical farm‐level dryland row‐crop yield observations (corn, sorghum, soybeans, and […]

Preliminary Insights into the Adoption of CGIAR-Related Agricultural Innovations in Vietnam

Over the past two decades, Vietnam’s GDP per capita has grown ninefold. Concurrently, its agricultural sector […]

Mainstreaming biodiversity and livelihood through Trees on Farms and agroforestry in Indonesia

For the success of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework, it will no longer be sufficient to […]

INSURED results 2018-2023

The new brief published by the INSURED programme (Insurance for Rural Resilience and Economic Development) shares […]

CIMMYT 2022 Annual Report

The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) is an international organization focused on non-profit agricultural […]

Towards an integrated national fire management system in Ethiopia: a review of experiences, gaps, patterns and MODIS data

Wildfires have been recognized as global environmental processes and ecosystems differ in their sensitivity and response […]

Risk Perceptions, Preferences and the Adoption Dynamics of Pesticide-Free Production

They study the adoption of a new pesticide-free wheat production system in Switzerland. Large-scale transitions into […]

Alternative systems and strategies to improve future sustainability and resilience of farming systems across Europe: from adaptation to transformation

According to stakeholders, many European farming systems are close to critical thresholds regarding the challenges they […]

Uncertain Worlds #1 – Lessons from pastoralists

Over the next few weeks, we’re sharing seven comics in a new series entitled ‘Uncertain Worlds’. It […]

Inclusive Rural Finance Policy (IRFP) Frequently Asked Questions

The document is intended to be a live document meant to provide information for the good […]

INSURED Indonesia country update

Small-scale producers of coffee and cocoa in Indonesia grow key crops but are being hard hit […]


This report by Environmental Defense Fund and the Farmers Business Network present the results of the […]

Linking crop productivity, market participation and technology use among smallholder farmers: Evidence from Uganda

In this paper, authors established the link between crop productivity, crop market participation and agricultural technology […]

PARM Annual Report 2022

This report provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the results achieved and lessons learned by […]

Guidelines for action on food loss and waste reduction in the Near East and North Africa

The Guidelines for action on food loss and waste reduction in the Near East and North […]

Glyphosate ban will have economic impacts on European agriculture but effects are heterogenous and uncertain

Glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in Europe. However, due to its potential effects on […]

Gender dynamics in the biofortified bean value chain in Burundi

Biofortified beans are being promoted in Burundi to solve malnutrition issues among rural households. The study […]