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Pastoralists and peasants: perspectives on agrarian change

ABSTRACT For many years, studies of peasants and pastoralists have run in parallel, creating mutual blind-spots. […]

How to empower farmers to manage risks: experiences from practice

ABSTRACT Farmers face all sorts of risks. Learning how to handle such risks and reduce their […]

Agricultural extension: Global status and performance in selected countries

ABSTRACT Agricultural transformation and development are critical to the livelihoods of more than a billion small-scale […]

Land use and climate change impacts on global soil erosion by water (2015-2070)

ABSTRACT Soil erosion is a major global soil degradation threat to land, freshwater, and oceans. Wind […]

The use of the wetting front detector as an irrigation‐scheduling tool for pepper production in the Upper East Region of Ghana: Evidence from field experiment and farmers’ perceptions

We compare the effect of the wetting front detector on yield and water productivity with farmers’ […]

A systems model describing the impact of organic resource use on farming households in low to middle income countries

ABSTRACT We present a new systems model that encompasses both environmental and socioeconomic outcomes to simulate […]

Partitioning private and external benefits of crop pollination services

ABSTRACT Ecosystem services (ES) provide a range of benefits to people, but landowners that produce ES […]

Inducing agribusiness investment in Malawi: Insights from investors

ABSTRACT Agriculture is key to Malawi’s development strategy, with over 80 per cent of the workforce […]

Risk Management Strategies to Cope Catastrophic Risks in Agriculture: The Case of Contract Farming, Diversification and Precautionary Savings

ABSTRACT Risk management is an essential way for farmers to reduce uncertainty. In this research, a […]

Method of biochar application affects growth, yield and nutrient uptake of cowpea

ABSTRACT Biochar produced from pyrolysis of organic materials has been found to improve plant growth by […]

Making smallholder agricultural production work: What we can learn from the socioeconomic and agrarian transformation through agro-well access in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka

ABSTRACT The North Central Province (NCP) is situated in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka. Average […]

People-Centric Nature-Based Land Restoration through Agroforestry: A Typology

SUMMARY Restoration depends on purpose and context. At the core it entails innovation to halt ongoing […]

The Living Planet Index (LPI) for migratory freshwater fish – Technical Report

SUMMARY Migratory freshwater fish (i.e. fish that use freshwater systems, either partly or exclusively) occur around […]

Supermarket contracts and smallholder farmers: Implications for income and multidimensional poverty

ABSTRACT Food systems in developing countries are changing rapidly with a growing role of modern supermarkets. […]

Evaluating satellite-based evapotranspiration estimates for hydrological applications in data-scarce regions: A case in Ethiopia

ABSTRACT Water resource development opens up opportunities for improving smallholder farmer livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa; however, […]

De-risking smallholder agricultural value chains: promising scalable risk management solutions

SUMMARY Smallholders face a variety of risks that make their productivity and incomes unstable and unpredictable. […]

Strategy for Managing Invasive Species in Africa 2021–2030

SUMMARY Invasive species pose a huge global threat, both in terms of biodiversity and the cost […]

The Evidence Base on Anticipatory Action

SUMMARY Anticipatory action (A-A) is attracting global attention with the number of pilot initiatives delivering support […]

Rotation, Mulch and Zero Tillage Reduce Weeds in a Long-Term Conservation Agriculture Trial

ABSTRACT Weed management is one of the main challenges of conservation agriculture. Although all three components […]

The ‘triple dividend’ of early warning systems: Evidence from Tanzania’s coastal areas

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Early warning systems (EWSs) have been effective in reducing loss of life and injury […]