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Food Systems Interventions for Nutrition: Lessons from 6 Program Evaluations in Africa and South Asia

Although there is growing global momentum behind food systems strategies to improve planetary and human health—including […]

Bonnes Expériences et Pratiques prometteuses de l’Evènement de GC du FO4ACP

Les systèmes agroalimentaires sont confrontés à des défis complexes et sans précédent. Ceux-ci vont de l’alimentation […]

The Impact of Disasters on Agriculture and Food Security 2023

Disasters are resulting in unprecedented levels of destruction across the world. These shocks and disruptions affect […]

Development and Scaling of Sustainable Feeds for Resilient Aquatic Food Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa (FASA)

On November 6–9, 2023, the Development and Scaling of Sustainable Feeds for Resilient Aquatic Food Systems […]

Drought threatens agroforestry landscapes and dryland livelihoods in a North African hotspot of environmental change

Dryland agroforestry is often hailed as a nature-based solution for rural people’s water- and climate-related struggles, yet appraisals […]

Mediterranean farmers’ understandings of ‘good soil management’ and ‘good farmer’ identity in the context of conservation agriculture

Mediterranean agriculture is increasingly threatened by soil degradation and climatechange. Conservation agriculture (CA) is a farming […]

A framework for gender-responsive livestock development: Contributing to a world free from hunger, malnutrition, poverty and inequality

The Framework for Gender-Responsive Livestock Development was jointly developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of […]

A scoping review on tools and methods for trait prioritization in crop breeding programmes

Trait prioritization studies have guided research, development and investment decisions for public-sector crop breeding programmes since […]

Compendium of forgotten foods in Africa

The World Wide Fund for Nature defines a food system as “the complete set of people, […]

Gender, agricultural risk perceptions, and maize seed systems: A case study of drought-tolerant maize varieties in Uganda

Drought-tolerant maize (DTM) varieties and other agricultural technologies can play an important role in maintaining crop […]

State of Blended Finance 2023

This year’s edition of the State of Blended Finance once again focuses on climate. Climate change […]

Precipitation causes quality losses of large economic relevance in wheat production

Adverse weather conditions can affect both crop yield quantity and yield quality. In wheat production, especially […]

Joint environmental and social benefits from diversified agriculture

Farms tend to be simplified ecosystems designed to efficiently produce one or a few crops or […]

The state of the agri-SME sector – Bridging the finance gap

The last decade has seen increasing recognition by policymakers, capital providers, and finance practitioners of the […]

Direct seeding of six agroforestry tree species indigenous to the Sahel: the effect of fungicide and planting-hole depth on seed germination and seedling emergence capacity

Tree planting success has been a major challenge in the Sahel region. As a low-cost, efficient […]

Integrating Africa’s forgotten foods for better nutrition

Africa is home to a diversity of indigenous food crops that are locally adapted and less […]

Europe’s ambitious pesticide policy and its impacton agriculture and food systems

European countries have set ambitious policy goals to reduce the risks of pesticides to the environment […]

National Agroecology Strategies in Eastern and Southern Africa

This outcome brief provides a unique opportunity to learn from policy developments in Eastern and Southern […]

How do couples in rural Tanzania make decisions? Findings from a novel mixed-methods approach for understanding intrahousehold decision-making

This paper responds to current concerns about quantitative methods for studying decision-making by describing the development […]

The agroecological movement. A panoramic view

This article offers a panoramic view of the agroecological movement, led by several peasant and indigenous […]