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Terms of Reference for Agricultural Risk Assessment in Niger

PARM developed this terms of reference to provide a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a […]

Terms of Reference for Agricultural Risk Assessment on Fisheries in Sénégal

PARM developed this term of reference to provide a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a […]

How to empower farmers to manage risks: experiences from practice

Farmers face all sorts of risks. Learning how to handle such risks and reduce their impact […]

Gender in agricultural risk management

PARM strongly recognizes the impact of gender-based constraints and restrictions on smallholder farmers’ ability to participate […]

Key success factors in strengthening the capacity to manage risks at farm level: emerging lessons learned

This publication explores the top key success factors for capacity development at the farm level. It […]

Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management in Africa

Information remains one of the key agricultural risk management (ARM) decision-making tool for farmers, governments and […]

Agricultural Risk Management: practices and lessons learned for development

This publication is the result of a collaborative process through a workshop held at the IFAD […]

Appropriate Warehousing and Collateral Management Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa – Volume III – Review of Applicable Laws

This Volume III report of a study on warehouse receipt financing and collateral management systems for smallholder farmers […]

Appropriate Warehousing and Collateral Management Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa – Volume II – Technical Country Reports

This Volume II report is a compilation of country-specific technical reports from the study on warehouse receipt financing […]

Appropriate Warehousing and Collateral Management Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa – Volume I – Key Findings

Finance, market and post-harvest risks are some of the key challenges of agricultural activities in the […]

Guidelines for community-led multiple use water services: evidence from rural South Africa

ABSTRACT The African Water Facility, together with the Water Research Commission, South Africa, as its implementing […]

An evolving paradigm of agricultural mechanization development: How much can Africa learn from Asia?

ABSTRACT Agricultural mechanization in Africa south of the Sahara — especially for small farms and businesses […]

The impact of COVID-19 on fisheries and aquaculture food systems – Possible responses

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this information paper is to update information on the impact of the […]

eLearning Series: Agricultural Risk Management

Why these courses? Understanding risk and its management play a central role in boosting the agricultural […]

Women’s empowerment and farmland allocations in Bangladesh: evidence of a possible pathway to crop diversification

ABSTRACT Climate change will likely affect several of the dimensions that determine people’s food security status […]

Opportunities and Constraints for Using Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration for Land Restoration in Sub-Saharan Africa

ABSTRACT Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) comprises a set of practices used by farmers to encourage […]

Covid‐19 and Global Food Security

ABSTRACT Covid‐19 has major implications for global food security. The virus itself and the policy reactions […]

Does it matter who advises farmers? Pest management choices with public and private extension

ABSTRACT Does it matter whether farmers receive advice on pest management strategies from public or from […]

Smallholder farmers’ adaptation to climate change and its potential contribution to UN’s sustainable development goals of zero hunger and no poverty

ABSTRACT Climate change is likely to worsen poverty, and agriculture-dependent groups and poorest countries are at […]

An integrated approach to climate vulnerability and adaptation assessment of smallholder production systems: evidence from horticultural production in Ghana

ABSTRACT The consequences of changing climate mainly impact negatively on agricultural production, particularly smallholder producers. Despite […]