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Model terms of reference for the selection of a service provider for: Agricultural and climate risk insurance feasibility studies

These are model terms of reference (ToRs) for use by project designers and implementers in development […]

Model terms of reference for the selection of a service provider for: Technical assistance in the development and implementation of agricultural insurance

These are model terms of reference (ToRs) for use by project designers and implementers in development […]

Rapid prototyping for inclusive insurance: Testing customer challenges and gaining early insights on feasibility

ABSTRACT Smallholder farmers urgently need to build their resilience in the face of climate change and […]

The future of agriculture in Senegal: 2030 – 2063

ABSTRACT In future decades, Senegal will face challenges to ensure its food security and improve the […]

The future of agriculture in Mauritania: 2030 – 2063

ABSTRACT With its territory of 1,030,700 km2, Mauritania has an Atlantic coast and is bordered by […]

The future of agriculture in Mali: 2030 – 2063

ABSTRACT Mali’s economic performance improved markedly following the economic reforms of the 1980s and 1990s. Between […]

The future of agriculture in Guinea Bissau: 2030 – 2063

ABSTRACT The political instability of the last several years has severely impacted the agricultural sector. The […]

The future of agriculture in Guinea: 2030 – 2063

ABSTRACT Guinea has considerable assets to protect its population from food and nutritional insecurity and to […]

The future of agriculture in Cape Verde: 2030 – 2063

ABSTRACT The current resident population in Cape Verde is estimated at 556,000 inhabitants, mostly rural (64%) […]

Transformation of agriculture in West Africa: Challenges & opportunities (2030 – 2050 – 2063)

ABSTRACT ENGLISH BELOW Suite aux Ateliers Régionaux 2019 et 2020, tenus avec les projets des pays […]

The future of agriculture in the Gambia: 2030 – 2063

ABSTRACT Agriculture is a key sector of the Gambian economy and contributes to 17% of GDP […]

Integrated pest management: good intentions, hard realities. A review

ABSTRACT Integrated Pest Management (IPM) provides an illustration of how crop protection has (or has not) […]

Good practices and innovations in risk management for agri-SME finance under COVID-19

ABSTRACT This report compiles experiences and lessons shared in a Live Talks series on Risk Management […]

Insuring crops from space: the potential of satellite-retrieved soil moisture to reduce farmers’ drought risk exposure

ABSTRACT Crop producers face significant and increasing drought risks. We evaluate whether insurances based on globally […]

The optimal drought index for designing weather index insurance

ABSTRACT Climate change increases the need for better insurance solutions that enable farmers to cope with […]

How to implement gender-related climate risk finance commitments and strategies on the ground?

Following the first two successful Live Talks in 2020, the third Live Talk was held on […]

Sierra Leone: Fighting fires with rice paddies

ABSTRACT This GIS study shows that the development of rice paddies in Sierra Leone has led […]

Drought risk-reduction and gender dynamics in communal cattle farming in Southern Zimbabwe

ABSTRACT The severity and frequency of climate change-induced weather events pose a serious threat to livelihoods […]

The impact of disasters and crises on agriculture and food security – 2021

ABSTRACT On top of a decade of exacerbated disaster loss, exceptional global heat, retreating ice and […]

Satellite support to insure farmers against extreme droughts

ABSTRACT Agricultural insurance is a valuable strategy to cope with extreme weather risks. Improved satellite observation […]