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COVID-19 and the Risk to Food Supply Chains: How to Respond?

ABSTRACT As the COVID-19 pandemic turns into a global crisis, countries are taking measures to contain […]

Climate Smart Disaster Risk Reduction Interventions in Agricultural Sector – Flood Hazard, Practitioner’s Guidebook 2019

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Climate Change is inevitable and the agriculture and water sectors are the most vulnerable. […]

Global Report on Food Crises 2020

DESCRIPTION The 2020 edition of The Global Report on Food Crises describes the scale of acute […]

Creating Sustainable Value Chains for Transforming Food Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting food value chains across South Asia. It is now recognized that […]

Addressing the impacts of COVID-19 in food crises | April–December 2020

The document presents FAO’s component of the COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Appeal, focusing on maintaining operations in […]

COVID-19: Potential impact on the world’s poorest people. A WFP analysis of the economic and food security implications of the pandemic

Today, more than 821 million people regularly go to bed hungry, of whom 100-plus million suffer […]

Trade Policies for Africa to Tackle Covid-19

Covid-19 is a global problem to which some of the usual global solutions, like trade, can […]

COVID-19: Channels of transmission to food and agriculture

FAO is analysing and providing updates on the emerging COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on agricultural markets—effects that […]

Risk Modeling for Appraising Named Peril Index Insurance Products: A Guide for Practitioners

ABSTRACT Index insurance is commonly perceived to be complicated and difficult to evaluate. This is one […]

Global assessment of ecological risks associated with farmed fish escapes

ABSTRACT Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food-producing sector and currently the main source of fish […]

A review of types of risks in agriculture: What we know and what we need to know

ABSTRACT This study examines the scope and depth of research on the five major types of […]

We Connect Farmers

WECONNECTFARMERS is a digital agriculture platform launched at the Farmers Forum hosted by the International Fund […]

Integrating Gender Considerations into Different Models of Climate Risk Insurance (CRI)

SUMMARY Gender-responsive Climate Risk Insurance (CRI) schemes can provide risk protection that addresses differences in women […]

Contract farming and public–private partnerships in aquaculture. Lessons learned from East African countries

ABSTRACT Securing decent work for young people in Africa is critical given the large numbers of […]

Applying a Gender Lens to Climate Risk Finance and Insurance

SUMMARY International climate change experts and frameworks recognize that women and men face different climate change […]

Farm household characterization to inform climate smart agricultural interventions

July 2017 | The final webinar in the FARMD + CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, […]

Malawi Economic Monitor – Absorbing shocks, building resilience

Malawi is now set to suffer a second year of poor harvests due to the effects […]

Malawi Economic Monitor: Absorbing Shocks, Building Resilience

  Droughts and floods during the past two seasons have slowed Malawi’s economic growth and made […]

Uganda Agricultural Risk Assessment Study Workshop Report

This report presents the workshop agenda, a summary of the discussions and outcomes. By the end of […]

Uganda Agricultural Risk Assessment Study

Agriculture is still the mainstay of the Ugandan population. The sector contributes 22.5% to GDP (in 2013/14), […]