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Study on Risk Management of Peasant Household in Agricultural Industrial Production

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Zhao Junyan, Li Lin, Wang Jian
2010 3rd International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering
The implementation of agriculture industrial production can reduce the part of market risk but not eliminate completely the operational risk for peasant household. taking Hebei Province as an example, in view of the industrial organization forms –“the company + peasant household”, this article firstly analyzes the types of operational risk for peasant household in agricultural industrial production, including the environment risk, the market risk, the technological risk, the fund risk and the cost risk, then based on full investigation and study, carries on sorting using the method of analytic hierarchy process to each kind of risk factor’s importance, finally draws a conclusion based on the analysis of model and proposes the risk guard countermeasure from three views for peasant household in the agricultural industrial production.
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