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Smallholder Contract Farming of Swine in Northern Viet Nam: Type and Scale of Production

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Asia and the Pacific
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
Costales, A.; Son, N.T.; Lapar, M.L.; Tiongco, M.

The rapid growth in demand for pork in Viet Nam presents an opportunity for rural households keeping swine to improve their incomes. As large proportion of livestock production in Viet Nam stems from smallholder producers, who generally have limited access to markets, inputs, and livestock services, integrating these rural smallholders into the growth process could serve Viet Nam’s policy goal of poverty reduction. One possibility of closer integration would be through institutional arrangements that provide smallholders better access to markets and livestock services. This brief report summarizes initial findings on the major types of production activities swine producers engage in, as well as their scale of operations, in relation to their institutional production and marketing arrangements.