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Self Recruiting Species in Aquaculture – Their Role in Rural Livelihoods, Final Technical Report

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Asia and the Pacific
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
Little, D.; Lorenzen, K.; Amilhat, E.; Morales, E.; Immink, A.; Ul Islam, F.; Karapanagiotidis, I.

This final technical report provides statement of the purpose, activities and results of the project. Supporting documentation giving more details of results of certain activities is provided in the appendix. The purpose of the project was to characterise the role of self-recruiting species (SRS) in different farmer managed aquatic systems, and to develop management approaches that enhance the production of, and access to, such resources by the poor. Research on SRS was carried out in five different countries: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India. The project identified the socioeconomic, technical and environmental factors that determine the role of SRS in farmer managed aquatic systems as well as their management strategies.