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Second RALF Projects Workshop


The proceedings of the Second RALF Project Workshop held in Kabul, Afghanistan, 20 November 2005. Thirteen presentations were made, covering the topics:

  • Restorative Agriculture and Rural Economy: Helmand and Kandahar.
  • Agenda Second RALF Projects Workshop.
  • Marketing Concepts, Crop Production and Marketing.
  • Dynamics of Traditional Markets ion Afghanistan.
  • Territorial Approach to Rural Business Development.
  • Marketing of Afghan Dried Friuts and Nuts.
  • Role of Woman in Agro-Enterprise.
  • Woman of Hope Project.
  • Village Decision Driven Research Project.
  • Innovative Financial Mechanisms in Badakhshan.
  • Livestock and Livestock Products.
  • Agro-enterprise Approach to Alternative Livelihoods.
  • Wheat-based Cropping Systems.