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Risk and finance in the coffee sector : a compendium of case studies related to improving risk management and access to finance in the coffee sector

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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
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Risk reduction/mitigation
Parizat,Roy; Van Hilten,Hein Jan; Tressler,Erin Genevieve; Wheeler, Michael; Nsibirwa,Robert Waggwa; Morahan,Rebecca; Modelo Ruiz,Josep Manel; De Smet,Jan; Pineda Pinto,David Fernando;
World Bank and International Coffee Organization

Millions of smallholder coffee growers and coffee trading enterprises daily confront risks. The prevalence of these risks reduce the incentives and willingness of financiers to lend to the sector, and also curbs the interest of coffee sector actors in borrowing to invest in their enterprises. Through 20 case studies taken from a number of coffee-producing countries, the report outlines the major risks and constraints facing the sector, and highlights the opportunities for improving risk management and access to finance. Many of the cases detailed have not been widely shared across other coffee-producing countries, despite these countries sharing similar risks and facing similar financing constraints. As such, it is the aim of this report to foster cooperation among all stakeholders within the coffee sector, and to raise awareness as to the potential means for improving the management of risks and expanding the provision of finance to the sector through innovative approaches.