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Rainfed agriculture impact assessment cluster study synthesis report

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Asia and the Pacific
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Climate / Weather / Environment
Conroy, C.

This study on Rain-Fed Agriculture is one of two studies that were undertaken as part of the Impact Evaluation Component of DFID???s Research into Use Programme (RIU). The objective of this Component was to produce high quality evaluation evidence that significantly increases understanding of how ???research into use??? can best contribute to poverty reduction and economic growth.

The study summarises the findings of seven case studies of the impact of agricultural innovations, which were undertaken in south Asia in 2008-2009. All of the case studies were related to research that was funded by DFID???s Plant Sciences Research Programme (PSP). The case studies are seen as a cluster because they are closely related to each other: they are all entirely or primarily concerned with rainfed agriculture, and all focus on crop research (and development) undertaken in south Asia ??? 3 in India, 3 in Nepal and 1 in Bangladesh. The seven case studies have been produced and submitted to RIU and this cluster study report provides a summary and synthesis of the main findings from them.