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Promotion of IPM for smallholder cotton in Uganda. Final Technical Report.

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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
Hillocks, R.; Orr, A.; Riches, C.; Russell, D.

The purpose of the project was to contribute to making cotton more profitable for smallholders by improvements in crop and pest management. This was done by validating and demonstrating crop production and crop protection technologies to decrease labour input and increase cost effectiveness of input use. The outputs of the project have added-value to the previous project by further promoting IPM in an expanded demonstration programme of more than 7000 on-farm demonstrations. As the contact farmer is changed after 2 years and each farmer is asked to bring at least 15 friends and neighbours to the plot, the technology has been promoted to over 180,000 cotton farmers in Uganda which is a significant majority of all cotton farmers in the country. To support the demonstration programme 700 ginnery staff were trained as trainers in IPM.