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Part 4: Scaling Up. Introduction.

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Asia and the Pacific
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Institutions / Organizations
Sodhi, P.S.; Joshi, A.; Witcombe, J.R.

The chapter describes activities conducted up to 1996. Since then, networking has extended to more organisations. The most notable example is with the farm science centre Vidya Bhaman KVK, Badgaon, Udaipur. They lead an NGO/GO forum, designed to help collaboration between NGOs and government organisations. The NGO forum members have tried promoting extension commendations, and have supplied minikits to farmers in the villages in which they operate. There 2 were difficulties in timely supply of seeds by the GOs to the NGOs, and in these trials farmer acceptance of the recommended varieties was low. The NGO/GO forum heard of the work at KRIBP and were attracted by the more practical alternative of participatory varietal selection. They are now collaborating in the testing in Udaipur district of varieties identified in KRIBP. The inclusion of a network (the NGO/GO forum) within a network clearly makes scaling up even more effective.