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National Agricultural Law Center

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Online platforms & databases
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North America
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
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Biological & environmental
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Risk assessment
Fisheries & Aquaculture
University of Arkansas School of Law
University of Arkansas

This website is a valuable resource for agricultural law research on a broad range of policy and legal topics related to food and agriculture, with a blog, publications, and news related to agricultural and food law and agrisk broadly. The National Agricultural Law Center conducts legal research into the most critical issues facing agriculture and food today. Based on this research, the Center publishes online articles, notes, case summaries and other publications by leading agricultural law scholars and attorneys from across the country and the world. These publications are also included in online Reading Rooms organized by agricultural and food law topics. The Center’s scope of coverage extends to include food law as it recognizes the expanding scope of agricultural law and its convergence with food law topics. The reading rooms section of the site houses publications and information related to agrisk, particularly the topics of food safety, climate change, disaster assistance, crop insurance, and production contracts.