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Improved food crops marketing through appropriate transport for poor farmers in Uganda

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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Market / Trade
O'Neill, D.

The lack of appropriate means of transportation is widely acknowledged as a major constraint on smallholder (agricultural) productivity in sub-Saharan Africa. Time that has to be devoted to human porterage (predominantly by women head-loading) not only detracts from more productive activities but is also very arduous and a significant source of drudgery. Work intensity, work organisation and allocation of tasks are cornerstones of ergonomics and, therefore, it was considered appropriate that ergonomics issues should be considered in this Project. With the resources available it was possible to conduct a representative survey in only one of the Districts covered by the Project, and Iganga was selected by the Project Leader. The IMTs requested by the participating farmers were animal-drawn carts and so the ergonomics component examined the impacts of introducing carts on the livelihoods of the participating farmers. The ergonomics survey included 11 Farmer Groups in the Iganga District out of a total of 27 Groups in the District participating in the Project. These 27 Groups are acquiring 18 ox carts (12 delivered by September 2004) and 7 donkey carts (5 delivered by September 2004) through a cost-sharing arrangement with the Project.