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Getting better all the time: Farmers and plant doctors talk about their work and plant health problems in Bangladesh

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Asia and the Pacific
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Capacity Development
Kelly, P.

Farmers all have a story to tell to the plant doctors of Bangladesh. Plant doctors have their own stories too. They find plant health problems they have never seen before, learn new things from listening to farmers and are proud to provide a service for their community. Paula Kelly visited the clinic in Radhanagar in Bogra and interviewed Anjara, the plant doctor, and found out how she enjoyed her new job, and what it meant to the community to have a plant clinic. At the plant clinics in Natore Paula watched a Going Public event on brinjal (eggplant) pests in Jonail and met the new AAS pathologist Asmara Begum who gave some good advice on bean anthracnose at a mobile clinic in Gobalpur. Paula also rediscovered a leaf miner problem in lychee in Tirail, couldn’t solve a banana problem for the farmers of Percole clinic (but took samples) and met Atik Sumon, a twelve year old boy, who brought in jujube fruit for his dad who was working in the field.