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Fisheries Marketing Systems and Consumer Preferences in Puttalam District Sri-Lanka.

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Asia and the Pacific
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Market / Trade
Murray, F.J.; Little, D.C.

This is one of a series of working papers based on field research that took place in Sri Lanka during December and January 1998, presented as part of a wide-ranging participatory situation analysis. The working papers are interim components of Project R7064, undertaken in Sri Lanka and Southern India, which is of 3 years duration (1999-2002) and aims to investigate the potential for integrated aquaculture options within small-scale farmer-managed irrigation systems.

The aim of this study was to understand the current and historic market situation for inland fish and its substitutes in order to identify which of the various production opportunities presented by the seasonal tank resource might have the greatest relevance for marginal communities in the Dry-zone. Regional and sub-regional market networks for fish and meat products were investigated, ranking and scoring exercises used to characterise consumer demand in rain-fed areas of North West Province and secondary data sources were used to assess historic patterns of demand and supply.