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Field study of rural knowledge and information systems in north-west Bangladesh

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Asia and the Pacific
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Knowledge Management
Information Technologies
Huda, E.; White, S.; Abeyasekera.S.

This is the report of a study of knowledge and information systems of poor farmers in the NW of Bangladesh carried out in January 2003, using a set of PRA methods adapted for the particular purpose. In all 32 groups were covered, totalling 546 people. 20 of the groups were existing RDRS (Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service) groups (male and female), while 12 were non-RDRS (‘control’) groups. The hypothetical population for the study was the RDRS target population (i.e. households with not more than 1.5 acres of land). 82.3 percent of the people in the study fell into this category, with only 17.7. percent owning more than 1.5 acres). 21.1% of participants were landless. 46 % owned less than 0.5 acre. Because RDRS targets women groups, 14 of the RDRS groups were women’s and 6 men’s: of the control groups, 5 were women’s and 7 men’s.