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Database of Farmer Organization support and training materials relevant to Malawi

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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Institutions / Organizations
Makoko, S.

This is a database of farmer organization (FO) support and training materials relevant to Malawi. The production of this database is part of a larger project being undertaken by the Agricultural Policy Research Unit of Bunda College of Agriculture, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, called Farmer Organizations for Market Access: Lessons from Success Research Project in collaboration with The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine of London. This database has been developed in response to a recommendation of a consultative workshop held in June 2003 to present and discuss the findings of the study on current and historical experiences with Farmer Organizations (FOs) in Malawi and internationally which identified the lack of knowledge of supporting organizations, access to training by FOs and other resources for improving support to FOs as one of the critical problems that FOs faced.