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Design and Implementation of Crop Potential Model System Based on GIS and Componentware Technology

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Capacity Development
Hao Zhang, Li Ding, Guang Zheng, Xin Xu, Lei Xi and Xinming Ma
IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology

Based on SuperMap IS.NET and the empirical models about crop potential output, the paper firstly designed the model system of crop potential output by using componentware method based on distributed computing architecture under network environment.

Secondly, the paper implemented crop potential model components by using componentware technology. Finally, with the abstract mechanism of interface, the paper integrated crop potential output models and loosely coupled model components with SuperMap GIS.

The results show that the model system as a component container about crop potential output model integrated empirical and mechanism models and provided a dynamic management for crop potential output models and dynamic methods call, which solved the issues of integration and expansion, and the system has the characteristics of wide applicability and good independence, which provides ADM and technical support for the construction of major grain-producing areas, crop production management.