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Combating Infectious Diseases of Livestock for International Development: Media Briefing

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Publication date
Type of Publication:
Working Papers & Briefs
Focus Region:
Sub-Saharan Africa
Focus Topic:
Health & Diseases
Type of Risk:
Biological & environmental
Type of Risk Managment Option:
Risk reduction/mitigation

The CIDLID initiative is made up of 16 projects which will look at some of the most prevalent, damaging and costly diseases of livestock in developing countries. The projects will also offer significant benefits to farmers and consumers in the UK.

The projects are:

  • Development of vaccines against multiple diseases to save sheep and goats
  • Dip-stick test for ‘Goat Plague’
  • Looking at midge control to tackle bluetongue virus
  • Reducing chicken disease in Ethiopian villages
  • Comparing foot and mouth disease in wildlife and livestock
  • Developing rapid tests to prevent pig deaths from African swine fever
  • Tackling wildebeest disease to save cattle
  • Looking at traditional healing methods for Ethiopian livestock
  • Controlling worms to increase production of sheep and goats
  • Developing a vaccine to control deadly liver fluke
  • Diagnosing and treating contagious bovine disease
  • Preventing East Coast fever with improved vaccine
  • Improving the quality of foot and mouth disease vaccines
  • Saving chickens by uncovering the genetic diversity of a killer parasite
  • Looking at ticks in the spread of lumpy skin disease virus
  • Using community based interventions to beat sleeping sickness