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By extensionists, for farmers. 16 factsheets, Uganda and Kenya. (Par les vulgarisateurs, pour les agriculteurs. 16 Fiches d`informations. Ouganda et Kenya.)

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Publication date
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Working Papers & Briefs
Focus Region:
Sub-Saharan Africa
Focus Topic:
Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
Bentley, J.; Reeder, R.; Boa, E.

The fact sheets in this collection were written by extension workers, farmers and researchers who attended 2 training courses run by the Global Plant Clinic in July 2006. The topics for each fact sheet were selected by the authors and based on their personal experiences of working with farmers and local agriculture. Each fact sheet offers advice to farmers on a problem. The information and advice provided is based on local experience and available technologies.The fact sheets are written for farmers. Each fact sheet was reviewed by farmers before the final version was printed.

The topics are as follows:

Uganda fact sheets

  • Banana nematode
  • Tomato wilt or kiwotoka
  • Potato wilt
  • Correct planting of carrots
  • Pigeon pea storage pests
  • Maize weevil in storage
  • Good groundnut seed
  • Cultural control of cowpea aphids
  • Cultural control of banana weevil
  • Striga weed in sorghum
  • Banana bacterial wilt
  • Banana slim and kiwotoka

Kenya fact sheets:

  • Potato blight
  • Newcastle disease in chickens
  • Osama destroys maize
  • Napier stunting disease