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BRIDGING THE GAP: Policy Innovations to Put Women at the Center of Food Systems Transformation in Africa

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Middle East & North Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa
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Gender / Youth / Social Inclusion
Inclusive Rural Finance – CoP
Malabo Montpellier Panel

This report by the Malabo Montpellier Panel — Bridging the gap: Policy innovations to put women at the center of food systems transformation in Africa — reviews the current situation in Africa and draws on the experience of four systematically selected African countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda, and Togo. It focuses on their policy and institutional innovations, which are driving systems-level change and transformation. This report provides a regional focus on the status
of women in Africa’s food systems, with emphasis on public efforts contributing to women’s
agency and empowerment. We conclude that Africa has made progress in improving women’s
empowerment in food systems. Many African countries have taken large leaps forward in girls’
education, women’s political representation, and entrepreneurship, thereby building a strong
foundation for harnessing women’s potential in future. Digital technologies and mechanization
have progressed, and shortcomings in extension services, access to finance and information, and to build new markets all show progress in support of women in the food system. However, this progress remains fragile in view of climate change and, it is not going far enough.