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Climate / Weather / Environment
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Weather & Climate related
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Risk transfer

This site is a specialized informational and analytical resource featuring a broad array of issues related to agricultural insurance and risk management in the agrarian sector. Agribusiness can be defined as farming and the business associated with farming, in other words it refers to a chain of businesses involved in the production, transformation and supply of agricultural products. The focus in this topic will be on will be medium or large scale commercial enterprises and in production may include individual growers, ranchers or dairy farmers; large, fresh produce growers, packers and shippers; aquaculture companies producing seafood; forest product companies growing trees; ornamental plant producers and so on. On the supply side the topic will cover agricultural input companies such as seed, feed, fertilizer, farm equipment, irrigation, and horticultural supplies, and on the output side businesses involved in the post-harvest processing of vegetables, fruit, fiber, poultry and meats.

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