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Agricultural insurance schemes

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Climate / Weather / Environment
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Weather & Climate related
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Risk transfer
European Commission

Agricultural producers face a series of risks affecting the income and welfare of their households. These are mainly production risks related to: weather conditions, pests and diseases, market conditions etc. Consequently, the income stability of agricultural stakeholders can be also affected. In the last years the European Union is considering a possible integration of risk management in the Common Agricultural Policy and is analysing risk and crisis management strategies to provide an improved response to crises in the agricultural sector. This report makes a review of the agricultural risk management systems in the EU, including candidate countries (Turkey and Croatia are analysed) with a special focus on agricultural insurances, although no data could be collected for Malta. The most descriptive part of the study contains a collection of data on the realities and modalities of agricultural insurances in Europe. This information mainly comes from fact sheets filled in by experts or consultants from the different European countries and data from the European Committee of Insurers (CEA). Many of these data were unpublished because there is no reporting obligation of the insurance companies to the EU institutions.