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Accelerated Uptake and Impact of CPP Research Outputs in Kenya

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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Capacity Development
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Biological & environmental
Sarah Simons

The DFID Crop Protection Programme (CPP) has produced a large array of new technologies on weeds, diseases, insects and rodents, some of which are based on a material product, while others are ‘knowledge-based’. Making new technologies available to the farmers who need them is an essential step in turning good research into the impact on livelihoods, but one which has not always received the attention it merits. This project focused directly on that step, to accelerate the uptake of CPP research outputs in Kenya. Thus the purpose of the project was to promote pro-poor strategies for reducing key pests, and so improve yield and quality of crops produced by small scale farmers in Kenya. This was achieved through three outputs:

  • CPP research outputs adopted by farmers in Kenya
  • CPP research outputs promoted and disseminated to intermediary institutions
  • Farm-level impact of adopted CPP research outputs determined.