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A PCR-based method to distinguish fungi of the rice sheath-blight complex, Rhizoctonia solani, R. oryzae and R. oryzae-sativae

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Brown, A.E.; Johanson, A.; McKay, G.J.; Turner, H.C.

Identification of Rhizoctonia solani, R. oryzae and R. oryzae-sativae, components of the rice sheath disease complex, is extremely difficult and often inaccurate and as a result may hinder the success of extensive breeding programmes throughout Asia. In this study, primers designed from unique regions within the rDNA internal transcribed spacers have been used to develop a rapid PCR-based diagnostic test to provide an accurate identification of the species on rice. Tests on the specificity of the primers concerned showed that they provide the means for accurate identification of the Rhizoctonia species responsible for sheath diseases in rice.