Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa

A major objective of ASARECA is to develop policies and programs aimed at deepening co-operation in agricultural research and policy among its member countries for the mutual benefit of all the stakeholders in the agricultural sector. Stakeholders include farmer’s associations; national and sub-regional associations that coordinate agricultural research, extension, training and education; associations of processors of agricultural products; associations of agricultural service providers; associations of agricultural businesses and related marketing agents; consumer associations; organised women groups and youth groups working in agriculture; non-governmental associations working in agricultural research and development; international agricultural research centres; universities and advanced research institutes ; investors and donors /development partners.

ASARECA’s core functions are, at the sub-regional level, to:

  • Develop a shared vision and goals
  • Coordinate and mobilise resources for collective action on agricultural research, training, extension and education
  • Empower end-users to meaningful participate in developing priorities, agricultural research, training, extension and education
  • ¬†Contribute to the development and transfer of appropriate knowledge, methodologies, information and technologies
  • Strengthen capacity for agricultural research extension and agricultural training and education for development
  • Facilitate sharing of research outputs and benefits among the NARS
  • Facilitate the efficient operation of the NARS at the national level
  • Enhance the reputation of the sub-regional in regional and international fora
  • Work towards the conservation of natural resources and the adoption of improved methods of agricultural production
  • Work towards the adoption of sub-regional policies with respect to agricultural commodity arrangements

ASARECA has seven programmes. These are: (1) Staple Crops, (2) High Value Non-Staple Crops, (3) Livestock and Fisheries, (4) Agro-Biodiversity and Biotechnology, (5) Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity (6) Policy Analysis and Advocacy, and (7) Knowledge Management and Upscaling.

These programmes are implemented through partnership and collaboration of the NARS in member countries, the CGIAR, universities and other and advanced research centres. While ASARECA mobilises operational finances for sub-regionally planned programme, the partner NARS contribute their infrastructure, personnel and some funding towards the sustainable implementation of the programmes.

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