Publication of a Special Issue of Cahiers Agricultures on Market Information Systems (MIS)

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The Cahiers Agriculture special issue is entitled «The Renewal of Agricultural Market Information Systems in Developing Countries». Agricultural Market Information Systems (MIS) collect, process and disseminate information on the situation and dynamics of agricultural markets in order to improve public policies and/or render these markets more transparent and more efficient.

Agricultural MIS developed in two steps in developing countries: the first generation of MIS emerged in the 1980s and a second generation followed in the 2000s (due to the creation of new MIS but also to the mutation of some MIS created in the 1980s). Second generation MIS (2GMIS)  developed many technical and organizational innovations, giving birth to a great diversity of models. This special issue provides some insights on the functioning and the impact of these new MIS models.

The publication benefited from the financial support of Cirad and CTA and is based on research projects funded by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), the CTA and the Hewlett Foundation.    >>Learn More.    >>Download the articles