Policy Workshop on Agricultural Sector Risk Management in Sub-Saharan Africa – 2014 – Johannesburg

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Government Representatives from more than 12 African countries attended the policy workshop on Agricultural Sector Risk Management in Sub-Saharan Africa, held on November 6 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sponsored by the USAID and the World Bank, the event provided a platform for policymakers to discuss and share their experience on the integration of risk management into agricultural policies in their respective countries.

After a presentation on the past and ongoing agricultural risk management projects of the Agricultural Risk Management Team, the first panel discussion on the limitations and strengths of current approaches to agricultural risk management preceded the World Café during which policy-makers discussed four questions for 15-minutes each, in four informal workshops facilitated by one of the conference organizers.

The interactive format, time constraint and targeted questions of each group facilitator made the World café the most outstanding event of the day, resulting in rich and proactive discussions. After a presentation of the integration of risk management into the National Agricultural Investment Plan in Niger, the policy workshop finished with a solution-oriented panel on operationalizing and integrating risk management.

>> See more and download the workshop agenda and presentations here.