#InclusiveRuralFinance: a new network for rural finance practitioners is here!

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Rural Finance / Insurance
Inclusive Rural Finance - CoP

Welcome to Inclusive Rural Finance Network (IRF)


What is the IRF Network?

The IRF Network is a knowledge-sharing platform for fostering collaborative knowledge sharing and coordination among IRF practitioners at IFAD.

The Network is a key part of the IFAD’s Inclusive Rural Finance Policy 2021 (IRFP 2021) Action Plan. It has the objective of ensuring IFAD country teams, programme managers, and technical staff drive programme and non-programme IRF activity results consistent with the IRFP.

The IRF Network will showcase the latest inclusive rural finance knowledge and good practices. It will also host internal and external knowledge events.

Supporting IRFP implementation

A goal of the IRF Network is to support the implementation of the IRFP through the organization of events, collection of lessons learned from programme designs and implementation missions, as well as other activities key to driving results in our Programmes of Loans and Grants and non-Sovereign Private Sector Operations.

To facilitate this work, the IRFP Network will feature:

  • IRFP Brown Bag discussions;
  • Interactive discussions on key IRFP implementation knowledge products:
    • Matching grants and inclusive rural finance are often found together, and are used to underwrite the cost and lower the risk of financing productive on and off farm assets and activities.
    • Lines of credits (LOCs) are used to stimulate greater volumes of accessible, affordable and sustainable financial services, particularly credit, for our smallholder target market


IRF Network latest webinar on “Private Sector Engagement in IFAD: Perspectives from Programme Management Units”


The IRF Network recommend you to check the event “Microfinance and Rural Finance Training in English: Key issues in Financial Inclusion” organised by the Boulder Institute of Microfinance and that will take place on 15-26 July 2024 in Turin, Italy.

IRF Network latest publications

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IRF Network is a PMI – Inclusive Rural Finance desk collaboration with the Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM), through FARM-D.