7th Edition of the World Bank’s Rwanda Economic Update : A Focus on Risks to the Rwanda Agriculture Sector

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The 7th Edition of the World Bank’s Rwanda Economic Update was launched in Kigali, Rwanda on February 25. Entitled “Managing Uncertainty for Growth and Poverty Reduction: Agriculture Sector Risk Management,” the 7th edition assesses risks to Rwanda’s agriculture sector and identifies areas of risk management solutions that need deeper specialized attention.

While systemic risks to the agricultural sector are limited, local and commodity risks remain, preventing the sector from reaching its potential. Long-term trends, particularly climate change, and the structural changes that the government is promoting to increase productivity will alter Rwanda’s exposure to risks. Risk management approaches that take into account the evolving nature of risk can support productivity and competitiveness as the sector develops and markets evolve.>>Know more. 

>>Download a copy of the report   >> Download the presentation given by Åsa Giertz (Agriculture Specialist with the Agricultural Risk Management Unit, Agriculture Global Practice at The World Bank ) on February 25, 2015, in Kigali.